Mini Market Application

KalamazooKitty Mini Market + PalletPalooza

Sat., Oct. 13, 2018

10am-6pm Rain or Shine

KalamazooKitty 6883 West Main St., Kalamazoo, MI 49009

Mission Statement:

KalamazooKitty is hosting the KalamazooKitty Mini Market to bring recognition and attention to the great town of Kalamazoo, Michigan!  We hope all local shops will participate in this event, as a community, after one goal: a great shopping experience for all!  Please bring your great attitude and awesome wares to ensure we all have a wonderful event!

Vendor Contract Agreement Terms:

Please arrive at 8:00 am if your last name starts with K-O, 8:15 for P-Z, 8:30 for A-J to check in and set up your booth on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018. Please try to arrive during your time slot!  If you are early or late, it will back up the line!  Arriving early does not get you a “better” spot.  You need to be completely ready to go by 9:00 am, so arrive with a plan, your items priced and the ability to set up your tent quickly. Booth Placement is determined upon arrival. Park your vehicle where you are directed and get set up!  In most cases, your vehicle will remain behind your booth all day.

Respect the boundaries designated for your space.  This includes, tent, poles, rope, overhanging umbrellas, and merchandise.  If you are unsure of your boundaries, please ask a staff member for assistance.

Remain in your booth at all times, or designate someone to work your booth while you are gone.

Vendors are responsible for collecting and filing sales tax.  Michigan sales tax is 6%.

Wear your smile:).  Customers will love a kind, smiling face and be more apt to buy from you.  Being polite to customers, other vendors and staff is a requirement, not a suggestion!


Helpful Vendor Tips:

*Test out your credit card device.  Be sure your credit card device is current with chip technology, if applicable. 

*Have cash!  No ATM

*Bring food & snacks (food trucks available)

*Wear layers!

*Bring everything needed for tent: bungies, weights, etc.

*Bring any tables, walls, etc that you need.  Nothing is provided.

*Price items BEFORE arriving.  Pricing items at whole dollars amounts will make your life much easier, rather than dealing with coins.


Tear Down:

Tearing down before 6 pm is unacceptable.  If your booth is empty before 6, stack your materials neatly in your booth and walk around and enjoy the show!  Before leaving your booth space, please look around and leave NOTHING behind.  Any items that were sold, but not picked up, are the responsibility of the vendor to bring into the store. 

Feel free to lend a hand to your neighbor when packing or loading up :).

Booth Fees:

10 x 10 space: $50 (non-refundable)

10 x 20 space: $50 (non-refundable)

Your space is not reserved until we receive your booth fee, so get it in IMMEDIATELY!    

Last day to submit payment is Oct. 8, 2018, but space may be full if you wait too long .  Send payment to:


6883 West Main St.

Kalamazoo, MI 49009

* Returned checks are subject to a $25 fee.


If you are bringing your own tent, it must be no larger than your booth space, tied or weighted down, and in good, clean condition.  All booths will be on pavement.


KalamazooKitty is not responsible for loss of items due to weather, theft or damage of any kind during set-up, overnight hours, during the event or during tear-down.  If you wish, check with your insurance company on whether or not your items are covered while at the event under your own personal policy., Inc., KalamazooKitty Marketplace and the Kalamazoo Mini Market are not responsible for any loss that may arise to the vendor, vendor’s employees or merchandise. Vendor agrees to hold, Inc., KalamazooKitty Marketplace, and Kalamazoo Mini Market harmless on any agreement, disagreement, dispute or lawsuit concerning any item bought, sold, traded, displayed or swapped as a result of the event.

Default of any terms on this contract by the vendor:, Inc. will be entitled to any and all costs, including legal fees, to compensate for damages.

Applicable Law: Vendor agrees that this contract shall be interpreted and enforced pursuant to the law of Michigan. Please be sure your homeowner’s policy covers your items during the sale.

Please provide a copy of your insurance policy from your insurance company.

Electricity: Not Available

Severe Weather:

The event will go on with rain as planned.  However, in the event of severe weather, we may need to make some last minute changes.  Please be sure we have current contact information for you in the event of a last minute change of plans.

Bathrooms: Porta Johns & KalamazooKitty restrooms

Food Trucks: No charge

If you are bringing a food truck, please plan to use your own generator.  Be sure you have inspections scheduled and ready to serve at 9 am.  Insurance is required; submit with your application and payment.

Shopper Admission: FREE


This is Michigan!  Michigan in October could be sunny and 75, rainy and 40, and everything in between!  Have rain gear and boots packed. Bring a dry change of clothes for your ride home.


For questions during the event, check with those wearing a STAFF shirt.

For questions prior to the event, please reread this contract and check FB and emails prior to sending an email with questions.  Chances are, your question has already been answered!

KalamazooKitty Mini Market

Oct. 13, 2018

Vendor Application


Business Name:_______________________________________________________________________

Your name: __________________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________Email:____________________________________________________

FaceBook _____________________________________________________

Booth Rental & Contract DUE Oct. 12, 2018: Non-refundable

10×10 ____________($50)

10×20 ____________($50)

10 x vintage camper ______________($50)  Size of Camper (max 15’) _____________

Food Vendor __________($0)

Check # __________

Send to: KalamazooKitty 6883 West Main St., Kalamazoo, MI 49009

———– ——————————————————————————–

Only 1 vehicle will be able to pull in to your space and remain for the day.  Any extra vehicles must park offsite.


I am bringing: (circle one)

Car     Van         Pickup       Truck w/Trailer (total length of both combined ______ft)


Signature _________________________________________Date ________________________

By signing this, you agree to all the terms of this contract, including the use of you, your items and workers in photography (either printed or online), and that you and your items are insured under your personal or business insurance policy.

Please complete this page and return with payment and insurance.  Keep all other pages for reference.